Home Is Where You Make It

Anonymous asked: I was about to roll a blunt and I was already high then I remember dropping it & I can't find it! What do I do? I need to find it before tomrrow because of my parents.


Fuck dude you’re high


where the weed at, mannnn?

General Thoughts..

I been thinkin’ a lot & smokin’ lots of pot & hopin’ that my album’s hot.
Still gotta write the shit, but my mouth is not.. cooperating. I’m debating on just how to drop and when to do it. Double checkin’ every second that my flow stay fluid. Steadily searchin’ synonyms so I can substitute em’. Too many S’s for this fucking gap between teeth, so I seem to be, whistling when I mean to speak. Pardon me. But part of me, is partly the part parting my parts into partial parts that are partially whole. Hold up. Woah. What the fuck did I just think? I can only remember part of it. The other part is blank.